The London Design Festival 2007 and Radius present

A Radius / 26 Event


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The Corley Conspiracy

a new opera by Tim Benjamin and Sean Starke

commissioned by The London Design Festival 2007

19th/20th/21st September 2007 / Southbank Centre / London

Remember the two-way televisions in George Orwell's 1984?
The ones which watched you back?

Well the country which brought Orwell into the world has made his nightmare follow into the world after him.

Welcome to the suspicious world of Mike Corley.

Under threat from those in power, Corley is the victim of "interactive watching": his every move is being monitored and "they" terrorise him through radio and television broadcasts. Have the British gone mad?

Based on a true story that unfolded on Usenet bulletin boards, this new opera is a gripping portrayal of a paranoid mind that raises unsettling questions about a society under surveillance. Both disturbing and darkly comic, with new music performed by rising stars Radius, this exciting production is not to be missed!

"An enviable assortment of gifted young players" SPNM on Radius

"Approachable ... punchy writing, with a real rhythmic drive. The sheer spectacle and volume are compelling" The Times on Tim Benjamin

Download the Corley Conspiracy press release